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A group of girls/guys (nobody really knows) who make up a name to feel better about themselves for all the stds they've contracted. The truth is, nobody really likes them. They used to get guys because they're an easy peice of ass, but nobody wants the loose, dirty hos anymore. They have no moral values and will fuck anything that moves, so watch out if one of these whores tries to get on you. A word to the tramps, you're loose enough to fit a basketball inside of you. For the sake of all of us, please... STOP HAVING SEX!! You're disgusting and you make the town smell, so close your fucking legs. You aren't just scituates finest, you're scituates finest std contracting hos.
Whore, ho, slut, tramp, hooker, loose bitch, anything of that sort.
by Telling it straight up March 05, 2005

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