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First off, the kid who wrote this article is a fucking moron

If you are going to write an article comparing the two if you only have one of the two, and you sure as hell cant say the other one sucks if you haven't even used one...

The DS has many fun games and a fun online feature
The PSP has great graphics for a handheld, some good games and also a fun online

PSP is aimed towards an older audience while the DS is aimed towards a younger audience

So that probably explains why you get all these little fanboys (average age of 12) posting shit like this on urban dictionary

They are games consoles
You should just play them and not fucking argue about how this one sucks because its made by sony (or vice versa)
"The DS ROCKS, and its better than the PSP any day, ive never played one though, and i dont care to either... so im going to make a definition on urban dictionary called Nintendo ds vs. Sony PSP so i can show the world how much the psp sucks because it can only play movies and um...."

STFU at least get the psp before you go ahead and bash it retard
by Tellin it like it is April 01, 2007
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