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The fakest rapper to ever emerge from Florida. Representing (or rather disgracing) the city of Fort Myers, he is well known for his tough-guy talk, no actions to prove bullshit lyrics, along with girl rap type tracks such as "Hypnotize," and a bunch of other garbage like that featuring "singers" such as T-Pain and Akon. A 31-year-old rookie rapper with just 1 release under his belt which consists of some of the worst lyricism in history, is filled tracks about him talking about how hard he is and how much pussy he supposedly gets, Plies commands little or no respect at all in his hometown of Fort Myers and throughout the rest of Lee county. Though Plies swears he is the "realest nigga," during the time he claims to have been doing dirt all he really was doing was attending college, working at the YMCA, and racking up traffic citations (the only marks on his criminal record along with the publicity stunt nightclub bullshit in which 5 innocents were injured because his young stupid clique randomly fired shots at a crowd of 20 year old girls). He is well known for not showing up for his scheduled concerts, and if he infact does show, it is 10 minutes before the club shuts down and he comes in stumbling drunk, sluring his already horrific lyrics. Plies was recently scared off stage at an Orlando area nightclub by fellow Florida rapper Trick Daddy. It is said that Plies ran through a crowd of people and out the front door of the club as Trick Daddy chased him down ready to beat his ass for being such a flaw little cunt. Soon after, Trick Daddy was assaulted by club bouncers and it has been falsely rumored that Plies was the one who had assaulted Trick. However, these rumors have been laid to rest after the fact Plies did not show for a concert the very next day where he and Trick Daddy were both scheduled to perform. The only people who listen to Plies "music" are stupid young gitterbugs, 15 year old girls with half a brain, and wanna be gangsta pussy boys. His name Plies comes from the words Pussy and Lies...Pussy + Lies = Plies.
Stupid Young Git: "man dawg, Plies the realest, he the best rapper out right now!"

Average Person With a Brain: "You dumb fuck...Plies is about as real as the Easter Bunny, stupid fuck nigga."

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