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Case Women aRe Ugly

Unlike 3 “unsuspecting” girls put it, CWRU really stands for the above acronym. About half of the guys are normal, I will admit that that weird half are really messed up, but 90% of the ladies are not ladies at all but massive bull faced trolls who rarely venture out into the sun, or moon for that matter, and who nobody wants to touch with a 10 foot pole let alone any part of their body. That is the real reason why the normal half of the guys do not socialize with the ladies. The other 10% can be split up into two groups. 9% are girls who think they are super hot when in reality they are nothing special and have a huge ego( my guess is that 3 “unsuspecting” girls fit into this category). The other 1% are actual good looking ladies who know how to have a good time.
So prospective male students if your ready to live a life of celibacy (unless you have a girlfriend at another school), where you have tons of work, drink alone, and constantly feel like killing yourself CWRU is the place for you. Now prospective female students this campus could be a gold mine for you so long as you’re good looking, smart, and don't have a huge ego. Remember ladies only you can change this definition; the power is in your hands.
CWRU has a TON of girls, just not a lot of them.
by Tell'n It How It Is February 14, 2005

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