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southern term for losing one's temper, "flying off the handle", etc. Note that the R.E.M. song of this title has nothing to do with religion, despite the common misinterpretation of the phrase.
"I was close losing my religion with the kid wrecked the BMW."
by Telegram Sam April 26, 2003
Broadly, a belief that the universe and life have divine origins, rather than resulting from chance.

Most often it refers specifically to the creation story of the judeo-christian tradition outlined in the book of Genesis, but the term can also apply to ideas from other religions (Hindu, Islam, various pagan and animist religions, etc)

"The origin of the univers often results in heated debate between creationists and scientists."
by Telegram Sam April 26, 2003
Any incident involving mass confusion, esp. involving a particularly large crowd. Basically, a bunch of people panicing when they really shouldn't be.
"Trying to evacuate the city before the hurricane hit was like a chinese fire drill; people were running everywhere."
by Telegram Sam April 26, 2003

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