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Awesome chat back in '04/'05 about the nintendo ds. k not really we never talked about the DS we just chilled. Known regulars were Dex9001x (owner), TornadoQuake (suicidal fag), TehGreatFatOne (hermaphrodite), guitarrocker89 (emo weirdo), VashyDoom (psycho perv), eatwoodman (funniest asian person in existence) and a crazy 12 year old slut named Lacey (probably the only girl ever to set foot in the chatroom).

Rarely was the DS even discussed, in fact Dex and Fatty were probably the only ones in the group who played video games anyway. DS turned out to be rather dissapointing (even compared to PSP and N-GAGE who probably live in a cave right now sucking moisture off the walls) and the chat got Jerry Springer'D. Pasttime include imitating Porn Bots (if you wanna see my big fat you-know-whats press 2 NOW!), flooding the room with bots and saying DRAGOCOCKS millions of times. Also, anything from ebaumsworld would be strongly encouraged.

The chat has since gone down but occasionally Fatty goes in (under his alias, FreeTheMcNuggets) to see if anyones back. He misses Dex and Vashy dearly and lost the pass to his old aim account so he cant talk to them anymore.


or anyone else readin this, im awefully lonely and need to talk to people =*(
man the days of the DS Chat were the best, man i sure miss it.
Wasnt fatty a hottie?
ever start to think Dex might be half computer?
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