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Cheshire is a rich town in CT. Half of cheshire is owned by the Bowmans, a overly-rich family who isnt afraid to show off their money. In total, there might be 4 black families in cheshire, who make more money than the rich white families. Almost everyone in CHS smokes weed, and drives some kind of expensive car. Cheshire does have some nice parties though, and most people arent greedy with their bud, so over all cheshires alright.
Cheshire Black kid: Hey, my parents made 1.2 million this year, how much did yours make?

cheshire White kid: around 700,000.

Hamden kid: uhh.......mine only made 60,000.

Cheshire kids: thats ok, you can come with us, were gonna buy lots of bud with our parents money

Hamden kid: Cheshire kids own!!!
by Teh bishz0r July 10, 2008

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