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An artificial crack rock, usually soap, bread or a mineral rock. Sold by drug dealers with little to no supply left. Dealer risks being attacked or killed by a smart customer.
Crackhead: Sumuvabitch this a dummy rock, I'll kill you!
Dealer: I sold that baser a dummy for 20.
by Teedot Doubleyou October 17, 2005
Hash oil. An extremely potent form of cannabis. Oil extract taken from the leaves of marijuana is very potent. Must ingest or "smoke" to get high. Crazy users dip cigarettes, blunts and edible items into honey to; increase potency of weed and add an additional buzz to cigarettes, or make hard candies and lollipops etc.
I smoke honey dipped cigs at work.
Son gimme some honey for my ham sammich.
by Teedot Doubleyou December 11, 2005

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