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3 definitions by TeddyJ

Michael Justin Burns, aka "Burnie" (somehow derived from an earlier nickname "Boner"), is a director/actor known for creating the hit internet series "Red vs. Blue" and is said to have kickstarted the machinima craze. Burnie owns the production company Rooster Teeth based in Austin, Texas. Along with a brilliant mind, Burnie has an affinity for sandwiches, being a dick to his employees, killing zombies and cryogenicallly freezing bald people so he can become a black man in the future.
Fun Fact: Burnie Burns is a closeted WoW player.
by TeddyJ December 26, 2010
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A term for NPC trainers that camp out in spots where a player character cannot avoid them, such as hiding behind a corner on a one-way path through a gym. This can be especially irritating for an impatient player trying to speedrun the game.
The player reached Mistralton Gym and began to make his way to battle Skyla for a Jet Badge. Trying to run into as few trainers as possible, the player navigated his way through a torrent of obstacles that were the result of yet another mentally insane Gym Leader's fetish gone awry.

Player: "What the hell is with all these cannons? Anyway, I hope this next one takes me straight to my Jet Badge."

The player was then jettisoned over to a landing area marked with parallel red lines, where a trainer was waiting for him.

Player: "Son of a bitch, fucking pokécamper!"

Worker Brady: "I'm making preparations to fly ever higher!"

Player: "I think your high enough."
by TeddyJ April 13, 2011
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Derived from the word "succinct", succinctity refers to being in a state of being spot on or being absofuckinglutely full of win with as few words as possible. Expertly crafted by "Red vs. Blue" creator, Burnie Burns, on the Rooster Teeth blog site, who also happens to toke succinctity on a daily basis.
Succinctity describes the following quotes:

"The Redskins are terrible." - Random Eagles fan

"Hmmm, it must be obvious day at Camp Stupid." - Random RT member

"And soon Urban Dictionary will have a definition of it." - Another random RT member
by TeddyJ December 26, 2010
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