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Hand job, with thumb curled inward until point of release, just before, extend thumb to top of head and rotate clockwise until spent.
See Duncannon Funky with a Marysville Twist.
by Teddy Peg-that-Ass October 03, 2004
When you receive a blowjob and right before nut busting, stand, facing away, pull boner down and back through legs, clenching shaft between butt cheeks.......bombs away!
Dick-o-less Cage stopped by last night, and we Raised Arizona!
by Teddy Peg-that-Ass October 03, 2004
Whilst tittie fuckin your bitch, take a dookie hot carl on her belly, then de-saddle, grab a turd, proceed to draw a heart with an arrow on her torso. Usually performed in conjunction with the Marysville Twist.
A good night in Harrisburg Pennsylvania means Duncannon Funkies topped off with a Marysville Twist......DQ style.
by Teddy Peg-that-Ass October 03, 2004
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