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A woman that you are sleeping with. A female that is not a steady girlfriend, just an occasional lay.
From Roots Mini Series: A scene where slaves are being transported by ship to America.
Crew Member: "Captain"
Captain: "Yes"
Crew Member: "Will you be needing a belly warmer tonight?"
Captain: "No!, I do not believe in fornication"
by Ted Striker June 26, 2007
Having sex with a girl on her period.
Sticking your penis in a girl who has a "sea" of blood.
Joe:"Yo man, that bitch is fine and I wanna do her, but shes on her period!"
Bill: "It look's like you should go part the red sea."
by Ted Striker October 05, 2007
A slang term for an arab
Twilight Zone- The Movie

"What is an arab anyway, A nigger wrapped up in a sheet?"
by Ted Striker November 20, 2007

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