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Born in New Jersey. Author, song-writer, singer, guitar-player, general badass. He used to be in the bands Native Nod and The Lapse. He wrote the book White Pigeons, and has a very odd and unique writing style. He currently fronts the band The Vague Angels. His two brothers, Danny and Ted, are both singer/song-writers, as well. Ted currently fronts Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. Chris is also the exboyfriend of Toko Yasuda, the current bass player/singer from the band Enon.
Chris Leo is awesome. The entire Leo family practically walks on water.
by Ted Leo April 23, 2008
An American indie band formed in late 1997. The band was comprised of Chris Leo (formerly of Native Nod) and Toko Yasuda (formerly of The Van Pelt and Blonde Redhead. Chris played guitar while Toko played bass. Both sang. Much of the vocals were delivered as spoken-word. The band released two records through Southern Records; Betrayal! and Heaven' Ain't Happenin'. The band broke up in 2001, and its extensive influence in the United States indie scene is often overlooked. Yasuda currently plays in the band Enon, while Leo leads The Vague Angels.
The Lapse was one of the greatest American indie bands of all-time.
by Ted Leo April 23, 2008

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