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A weak contraction of "Super Walmart." So-called because the immensely popular 24-hour store promotes unsustainable urban sprawl.
Hey, it's Friday night. Want to ride on some dizoggs and head over to Sprawlmart?
by Ted Isog May 02, 2005
A contraction of "Jewish Mexican" which is also conveniently the name of a company which produces fruit and nectar drinks.
"Jumex? What the hell is that? A Mexican guy named 'Carlos Goldstein?'"
by Ted Isog May 02, 2005
Adjective. Used to describe people who needlessly wear sunglasses indoors and carry backpacks everywhere they go, like the supermarket or a restaurant.
"I'm carrying my backpack into the restaurant. I'm going mattstyle."

"Hey, would you take your sunglasses off? You're not driving on the dizogg anymore. It's bad enough going to Sprawlmart, much less with someone who insists on going mattstyle.
by Ted Isog May 02, 2005
A vocal pronunciation of the internet slang word pwn3d. Because "pwn3d" requires seven syllables to pronounce, it is often more convenient to use this two-syllable contraction.
"If you don't pay your share of the rent for this month, I'll p-dub your ass."

- "Ugh! The new rubberized asphalt on the dizogg is rubbing off on my tires!"
- "Haha, you got p-dubbed!"
by Ted Isog May 02, 2005
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