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1 definition by Tech-Fab Sabs

also known as 'techno-fab' or 'tech-fab'.

Techno-fabulous describes those amongst the technically-savvy masses who also have effortless personal style, wit and charm. Whereas most IT professionals, programmers, gamers, gadget junkies and general computer-hobbyists have earned a reputation as being homely, socially awkward, and generally unconcerned with personal appearance, there exists a growing sub-culture of young, smart, attractive, well-groomed and stylish male and female members of the field that defy the stereotype. They are hereby proclaimed techno-fabulous.
At the MSDN Tech Seminar in my faded cords and Epicac Records t-shirt, I was routinely approached by well-wishers who assumed I'd wandered into the wrong conference room. Sometimes it's so hard being techno-fabulous!
by Tech-Fab Sabs December 20, 2004
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