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a frigid whore is someone pretending to be frigid when really they are a complete whore
"will is a frigid whore" "catty is NOT a frigid whore"
by TeamWitty. March 04, 2007
a lifestyle with a certain type of music (fast and often wordless with electronic sounding noises) and a clothing style. the clothing style for me is amazing involving incredibly skintight jeans on both boys and girls and often leggings again on girls AND boys (both are great) everything worn is in the brightest colour possible and intended to be noticed. the style is often influenced by 60's 70's and 80's styles. fringes feature a lot as popular hair styles .
contrary to popular belief the klaxons are NOT NEW RAVE. they have said this themselves in many interviews. they just made up the term. i think new rave is the best fashion ever.
by TeamWitty. March 04, 2007
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