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When a girl has completely shaven her vaginal area, except a small area above the clitoral area where a small patch of pubic hair remains. AKA runway
this girl had a super smooth snatch, and a small heart shaped PORN PATCH on top....she was a natural blonde
by Team Jimmy October 30, 2009
a woman who has a well trimmed pussy, and lucious, moist, vaginal lips to accent her grooming. Very inviting and attractive
This girl had the most amazing fur loin I have ever seen! I could have lived down there for a year!
by Team Jimmy October 31, 2009
A term for a woman who has large protruding vaginal lips with thick hairs growing from the edges. Neither inviting or attractive
that chick had the biggest Buffalo Lips I have ever seen! No way was I sticking the shlong in that!
by Team Jimmy October 31, 2009
The 5 streamer is a male orgasm that results in 5 or more large squirts of jiz. This normally happens when a male does not have sex for over a month. The 5 streamer can produce up to 8 FL OZ of semen.
I had'nt gotten laid in so long, when I finally did, unleashed the 5 streamer all over her big titties
by Team Jimmy August 30, 2011

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