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(n) sick fuck who gets off on little children

The Dude: Fuckin' Quintana... that creep can roll, man.
Walter Sobchak: Yeah, but he's a pervert, Dude.
The Dude: Yeah.
Walter Sobchak: No, he's a sex offender. With a record. He served 6 months in Chino for exposing himself to an eight year old.
The Dude: Oh!
Walter Sobchak: When he moved to Hollywood he had to go door to door to tell everyone he was a pederass.
Donny: What's a... pederass, Walter?
Walter Sobchak: Shut the fuck up, Donny.

by Team JPD March 26, 2003
(n) synonym for unprotected sex, glad you got in, sorry you came!
RIT sucks!
by Team JPD March 27, 2003
(n). Fireworks
Hey any of you guys know where I can score some chinese sky candy?
by Team JPD March 26, 2003
1. (n) a man's penis
2. (v) a woman who partakes in the slamming of her vagina against her cohorts vagina.
1. I'm gonna whap that girl in the face with my gash masher.
2. Dude, I was at a party last nite hitting on this chick, and then she told me she was a lesbian. "I was like man, fuck that gash masher!"
by Team JPD March 26, 2003
1.(v) The act of thrusting ones phalic member (or "Dick") into the wet, hot gash of a female.
2.(v) What all (attractive) women need.
1. Damn Paul, when you gonna give that chick some deep dicking?
2. Chicks don't need roses, they just need deep dicking!
by Team JPD March 26, 2003
(n). the vagina; the gash; the slit; the clam "in some cases the bearded clam"; cooter; the happy hole; etc
So I was a little fucked up but I was workin' this chick over and I lapsed outta consciousness and when I came to I was getting stared down by her pink eye!
by Team JPD March 26, 2003

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