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Usually occurring on or after December 26th, when all of the Christmas festivities come to an end and you have nothing to look forward to except for a long, cold, boring ass winter.
Tom suffers from Post Christmas Depression (PCD) every year right from the time when he opens his last present on Christmas Morning up until Black Friday of the next year.
by Taylor the Terrible December 24, 2008
A pose commonly used on Myspace.

1. Take your camera, point it toward your fat face, and use that chubby arm to lift it up a little above your head, still keeping aim on your face.

2. Stare those dead eyes up at the ceiling (preferably to the left or right)

3.Now for the tricky part: puff those chappy lips in a kiss pose.

EXTRA: If you really want to get advanced, hold up a peace sign!

Leah was trying to pull of the ceiling pose in one of her myspace pics, but her double chin kept getting in the way.
by Taylor the Terrible December 24, 2008
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