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Ah Langley... so many things are said about it. Most people from Northern Virginia, especially Mclean High School, Langley's rival, will remark that Langley is nothing but a bunch of rich, stuck-up, snobs living off "daddy's money". It is true that Langley High School parents are mostly well-off but that does not mean that all of them raise their children to be ungrateful, selfish snobs. In fact, every school has its population of sluts, drug dealers and doers, snobs, daddys-girls, dumb jocks, etc. Langley is just the school people decide to stereotype. But any school can fit that make. Additionally a lot of people that go to Langley are "real", have jobs, work hard in school and in sports.
As a result, Langley students consistently have the highest SAT scores in the region (not including Thomas Jefferson, a magnet school), are ranked highest among other regional school's in Newsweeks top 100, perform well at sports (often times beating McLean - a lot), have higher acceptance rates at Ivy League colleges and in state schools such as UVA and William and Mary.
Furthermore, when writing an urban dictionary entry, they are smart enough to make a logical arguement enumerating why it is that they are better than McLean High School, and to simply point out that people shouldn't steroetype. Look at the facts (entry number 2 especially) and you will see that when Langley students say they are better at something than another - often times they are. This runs the gammit from athletics to academics.
Finally, McLean, you are just jealous because you will always be remembered as the school 5 miles away that could just never compete
"Good thing we go to Langley High School, or else we'd be like Mclean and wouldn't be able to understand words used such as enumerated and gammit"
by Taylor S January 08, 2008

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