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-adjective- aw-suhm-nes (ô'səm nìs)Origin: 1590–1600; awe + -some1
(definition: interjection)
1. Something one might shout when something very cool (see ballin') happens or is displayed.
(definition: adjective)
2. When something is awesomeness, it has earned Taylor Baldwin (see god) approval. When something is in the act of being awesome or ballin in the woods (see sylwin).
(definition: noun)
3. Awesomeness in noun form is someone or something very cool who Taylor likes. (see Taylor's friends)
Phrase examples:
"Hey Noah those scratchy pants are awesomeness"
"Wow red bull is awesomeness"
Word examples:
Taylor's Friends
DeVilles (see best car ever)
Non examples:
Spilling powerade
Hair catching on fire
by Taylor Baldwin January 12, 2008

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