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Useless miscellaneous tasks or duties assigned to someone capable of more challenging work. These tasks are usually boring and require very little brain activity. The type of work involved is somewhat professional, but still monotonous and stupid to the employee.
"I just got demoted at my job. The crap I'm doing now is frickin' monkey work."
by Tay from da Bay December 08, 2006
Another word for a mobile home or trailer home. A home on wheels. Can also be used in reference to a trailor park. Derived originally from a baby's portable fold up crib. Crib in this usage is the definition of a home and port-a is used to describe its mobility.
There are no ghetto places in our town - except for the trailor park. The last time I went to someone's port-a-crib I almost got knived.
by Tay From Da Bay August 02, 2007

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