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Live Album released May 16, 1970 by The Who.Recorded at Leeds University and is widely considered as the greatest live album ever.
Live At Leeds:
1."Heaven and Hell" (Entwistle) – 4:50
2."I Can't Explain" (Townshend) – 2:58
3."Fortune Teller" (Neville) – 2:34
4."Tattoo" (Townshend) – 3:42
5."Young Man Blues" (Allison) – 5:51
6."Substitute" (Townshend) – 2:06
7."Happy Jack" (Townshend) – 2:13
8."I'm a Boy" (Townshend) – 4:41
9."A Quick One, While He's Away" (Townshend) – 8:41
10."Amazing Journey/Sparks" (Townshend) – 7:54
11."Summertime Blues" (Capeheart, Cochran) – 3:22
12."Shakin' All Over" (Kidd) – 4:34
13."My Generation" (Townshend) – 15:46
14."Magic Bus" (Townshend) – 7:46
by Taxman September 17, 2006
Compilation album of B-sides and Rarities released October 12,1968 in the U.K. and November 30 of the same year in the U.S. by The Who.
Direct Hits:
2."Run, Run, Run"
3."Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"
4."I Can't Reach You"
5."Our Love Was, Is"
6."Call Me Lightning"
7."Magic Bus"
8."Someone's Coming"
9."Doctor, Doctor"
10."Bucket T"
11."Pictures of Lily"
by Taxman September 17, 2006
Third Studio Album by The Who released December 15,1967.
The Who Sell Out
1."Armenia City In The Sky" (Keene) - 3:12
2."Heinz Baked Beans" (Entwistle) - 0:57
3."Mary-Anne With The Shaky Hand" - 2:04
4."Odorono" - 2:16
5."Tattoo" - 2:42
6."Our Love Was" - 3:07
7."I Can See for Miles" - 4:17
8."I Can't Reach You" - 3:03
9."Medac" (Entwistle) - 0:57
10."Relax" - 2:38 1
11."Silas Stingy" (Entwistle) - 3:04
12. "Sunrise" - 3:03
13. "Rael 1" - 5:44
by Taxman September 17, 2006
Second Studio Album by The Who released December 9,1966.
A Quick One
1."Run, Run, Run" - 2:43
2."Boris the Spider" (Entwistle) - 2:29
3."I Need You" (Moon) - 2:25
4."Whiskey Man" (Entwistle) - 2:57
5."Heat Wave" (Holland/Dozier/Holland) - 1:57
6."Cobwebs and Strange" (Moon) - 2:31
7."Don't Look Away" - 2:54
8."See My Way" (Daltrey) - 1:53
9."So Sad About Us" - 3:04
10."A Quick One While He's Away" - 9:10
by Taxman September 17, 2006
First off the following definition is not to be taken to heart and if any Christians are offended by this definition.I am sorry you were/still are offended.

"The God Talk is when a famous celebrity/actor/actress/musician is nominated for an award at a fancy awards show like the Grammy awards and after the Nominees are selected and the famous person won the award they were nominated for goes up,usually with tears in thier eyes,saying how "Amazing it was to win ______ award.Then proceed that they thank God first of all.Even though it lasts a few seconds they only do it so they can win the hearts of Catholics and Protestants everywhere, despite them not even being honest.In other words to be a complete phoney."
Paris Hilton:I so wanna thank God for my debut album for being such a horrible flop yet getting #2 in the Hot 100!M'kay!

"Paris Hilton just performed The God Speech which last 6 seconds.She then starts to thank her family members for the next 6 hours as well all of the precious business people who,without of their help, would not have made this wh**e more apperaling to demented young women and men with no morals"
by Taxman September 01, 2006
A decade rangine from January 1 2000 to December 31 2010.
...............Better to wait and find out yourself............
by Taxman July 31, 2006
Ninth Studio Album by The Who released March 16,1981.
Face Dances:
1."You Better You Bet" – 5:36
2."Don't Let Go The Coat" – 3:43
3."Cache Cache" – 3:57
4."The Quiet One" (Entwistle) – 3:09
5."Did You Steal My Money" – 4:10
6."How Can You Do It Alone" – 5:26
7."Daily Records" – 3:27
8."You" (Entwistle) – 4:30
9."Another Tricky Day" – 4:55
by Taxman September 17, 2006
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