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Frequently obese, uneducated, and inebriated, a Buffalonian is one who was born and raised in the city of Buffalo, New York or the surrounding region. Buffalonians are notorious for perpetuating the extremes of their respective racial stereotypes, and all share a common hatred for one another. Buffalonians are also well-known for their belligerence and undeserved sense of self-entitlement, and despite often being unarguably grotesque in appearance, a Buffalonian will firmly believe they are better than you. Buffalonians also have extreme issues following traffic laws and paths, and this can be seen through the available online galleries of Buffalonian drivers who have driven into businesses. Overall, Buffalonians as a whole are disgusting, ignorant, classless, violent human beings who have a very warped perception of reality and the world around them.
Was that Chris Farley? No, that was a female Buffalonian.
Why is that guy driving his car straight into that building? Because he's a Buffalonian.
by TaterTot1990 May 14, 2013
The accumulation of urine as a result of repeated misfires over time, often resulting in a yellow, sticky, smelly build up at the base of the toilet.
I just stepped in Steve's piss jungle, and now my feet keep sticking to the floor.

I wonder if that piss jungles tastes as good as it smells.
by TaterTot1990 March 28, 2011

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