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1.a semi-derogatory term used to describe anywhere from one to a large group of Asian people's genealogy. 2. a derogatory way to describe the multitude of Asian languages you may be heard speaking. 3. A way to describe some Asian establishment/event/or other item.
From the way that natural asian dialects seem to sound to all non-asians "ching chong hong kong bong dong won ton slong thong."
1. Some Asian family just moved into my town
What kind of Asian. Idfk Chingchonganese.
2.There were speaking fricking Chingchonganese
3. We are going to go to that chingchonganese place downtown.
by Tater the Mater August 09, 2009
The act of either 1. Masturbating to a pizza. or 2. using pizza to get off. Named for the Dodgeball character who was formerly fat and now formerly skinny. who at one point got off to a slice of pizza!
Dude is he probably going home to pull a white goodman
by Tater the Mater April 16, 2010

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