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God's Chosen People, but after a heavy night on the Whisky resulting in a huge argument with God he punished us and cast us down on to the island of Britain,and to add insult to injury he gave us the English as neighbours!.
Scottish people are the dogs bollocks oh and by the way Burns night is on the 25th of January NOT February ad it is whisky with no "E" Niyko you are hereby cast out of the Scottish club ,hang your head in shame. tut tut
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by Tartan Terror July 09, 2006
Being Not nearly as good as they seem to think
OVERRATED = England Football team according to them are the Greatest team in the World , NOT!
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by Tartan Terror July 29, 2006
BBC Commentary Guidelines for the commentary team during the World Cup:

1. Within 1 minute of kick off in the opening match (Germany v Costa Rica), the commentator must mention England.
2. Regardless of what two teams are contesting the final, England have to be mentioned within the first minute.
3. The commentator shall refer to the Falkland Isles in passing at some point in the match if England play Argentina.
4. Whenever a hat trick is scored, comparisons with Geoff Hurst will be made within seconds of the third goal hitting the net.
5. Should England wear their red jerseys, then '1966' should be mentioned approximately 20 times.
6. 1966 will be mentioned approximately 10 times a match, or only on 4 or 5 occasions for matches not involving England.
7. Prior to the captain of the winning team lifting the trophy, the commentator will mention Bobby Moore. And 1966.
8. When Germany are playing, they must be referred to as being arrogant by the commentator on at least 14 occasions. This must refer to their style, their passing, their haircuts and their general footballing ability.
9. Should England play Germany, mentions of Winston Churchill, Dambusters, The Luftwaffe and Adolf Hitler will be compulsory. And 1966.
10. All Scottish members of our commentary team must continue to refer to England as "we" and "us".
11. We must ensure that nationlistic stereotypes are adhered to. Of course, the Germans are arrogant. The Spanish are bottlers, The Ivory Coast are fast but bad at defending, The Angolans are disorganised, The Argentinians are cheats and the French are only good because their best players play in England.
12. For matches not involving England, we must only discuss the players that are playing in England. (eg - Holland v Argentina should be referred to as Van Nistelroy v Crespo).
13. The mythical "bulldog spirit" phrase should be used as often as possible.
14. Each match involving England should begin with the phrase "England Expects."
15. Should any player be involved in an injury that involves the loss of teeth, then references to Nobby Stiles and 1966 are compulsory.
16. If in doubt, mention 1966.
17. Praise all of the stunning new stadiums in Germany but emphasise that they lack the presence of Wembley, the spiritual home of football since 1966.
18. Commentators should feel free to imitate the style of Kenneth Wolstenholme, the hero of 1966.
19. Should any team feature brothers playing together, then Jackie and Bobby Charlton should be mentioned.
20. When England bow out after the first stage, we must emphasise that it is a massive blow to football and a serious loss to the World Cup
the World Cup ,an unbiased view from the BBC
Thanks to Fraser for this gem!
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by Tartan Terror July 02, 2006
To Rooney someone is to stamp on someones balls
Or to be Rooneyed is to get red carded and sent home in shame!
Rooney was unrepentant after stamping on that guys nuts!
#shrek #who #ate #all #the #pies
by Tartan Terror July 29, 2006
Butt-Ugly English Footballer Wayne Rooney a.k.a Shrek. displayed his superior ball control at the 2006 World Cup ie, stamping on some poor players balls
woa! wayne rooney can really dribble
Yea! well most retards do! and he looks like shrek!
#wayne rooney #ugly #fat #overrated #english #thug
by Tartan Terror July 29, 2006
God in Football Shorts,Scorer of the greatest ever solo effort goal in the world cup.
We are Not Worthy!
Archie Gemmill single handedly totally pwned the Holland Defence in the 1978 world cup.
#scotland #holland #world cup #kenny dalglish #joe jordan
by Tartan Terror July 25, 2006
The country with the totally over rated football team.
Once again LOSING on penalties in germany 2006.They had an easy draw and fell at the first quality hurdle ah well at least they can always talk about 1966
England football team lost again on penalties HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!.ROONEY is a thug and deserved to get sent off.
#loser #losers #faggots #percy #1966 #crouch potato
by Tartan Terror July 01, 2006
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