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A baby suffering FAS born to an inbred, degenerate, woman of aboriginal North American descent into the toilet of a WalMart bathroom. To be a true WalMart baby, one must be born full-term, and the mother must claim no knowledge of pregnancy, and defeat charges of Child Endangerment, and Child Abandonment by sticking to her story of loving all her children and not knowing of the pregnancy while simultaneously losing custody of several other children to Child and Family Services while awaiting trial in the farcical Canadian Judicial System.
Google "WalMart Baby Canada"...

That degenerate fuck-tard savage indian shit a baby into a Wal-Mart toilet, cried drunken crocodile tears, won her case and will now be allowed to raise her "WalMart Baby" in a home where Child and Family Services have deemed other children (not born into a toilet and abandoned) are not safe...

Fucken' Canadian legal system...
by Tarhoop McCracken February 24, 2010
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