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1. Everything that is wrong with Major League Baseball. Their owner, George Steinbrenner is a greedy bastard who buys at least 3 players every offseason

2. The reason Major League Baseball needs a salary cap.

3. Their season is considered a "bust" if they don't win the World Series.
The New York Yankees are the gayest team ever!
by Tardy McTard July 23, 2004
Team that should rebound from a horrific 99-loss season in 2004 with the additions of Adrian Beltre, Richie Sexson, Pokey Reese and new manager Mike Hargrove, only if their pitching is halfway decent
The Mariners should finish higher than last place this year.
by Tardy McTard February 08, 2005
A game for Sega Genesis, sounds really stupid but is actually a very fun game, although it is 10 years old.
Paperboy for SEGA is a classic.
by Tardy McTard July 26, 2004
The combination of a good running back and an average quarterback. Also fumbles WAY too much.
Michael Vick is a good runner, but a so-so passer partly because of his subpar recievers.
by Tardy McTard February 04, 2005
An old crusty guy that plays softball in dirty old jeans and can be often seen on the playing field rounding the bases with a cigarette in his mouth.
Jerry, gimme those 20 pairs of moldy sneakers and 30 packs of Camels before I strangle ya!
by Tardy McTard July 23, 2004
Go-karts that are ridiculously overpriced, for example a 4HP Yerf Dog go kart that reaches a max speed of 10mph costs $850.00. It is rumored that a drunken man by the name of Hardcore Jerry once wrecked his Yerf-Dog into a tree at 3AM and nearly killed himself.
Hey, did you steal my Yerf-Dog?
by Tardy McTard July 27, 2004
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