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asking someone if they will be your boyfriend/girlfriend for 5 minutes. from the movie nick and norah's infinite playlist
Sonia: Ugh, Dillon's going to be there with his new girlfriend

Priyanka: Looks like you're going to be pulling a nick and norah. At least find someone cute!
by Tara The Terrible February 13, 2011
Hanging out our chilling with a close or best friend. Usually involves lots of laughing, and doing nothing.
Dad: Sonia what are you doing today?

Sonia: Brochilling with Kyle for sure.

Dad: What are you guys gonna do?

Sonia: Chill you know, play some COD and do nothing
by Tara The Terrible December 23, 2010
when someone goes straight down your Facebook page and likes everything. including wallposts, comments, statuses, etc.

usually it's a close friend of yours, or someone who's bored to death.
Al: I straight liked Amanda's Facebook page like 3 times she's pissed.

Sonia: That's hilarious I always do that to one of my co-workers when I'm bored.
by Tara The Terrible December 31, 2010
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