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One who practices pandeism, to wit, one who believes the Creator of our Universe to have in fact become our Universe and all within it, and who treats themself and all other life as aspects of such Creator.
The path of the pandeist is set with conditional pacifism; avoid violence except to meet and defeat the use of violence against one self and against the innocent.
by Tao Cha Ching August 31, 2010
The group of tax cuts which took effect on January 1, 2011, passed by Congress and made law by President Barack Obama, extending and augmenting the expired Bush tax cuts, and reducing federal taxation to the lowest level in several decades, and promising an enormous debate in 2012 about whether to extend the Obama tax cuts.
I am waiting to see if my tax payments really drop from the Obama tax cuts.
by Tao Cha Ching January 13, 2011

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