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The most beautiful place known to mankind.

Located at the foothills of the Himalayas, this city is the capital of Uttrakhand.
Dead Angelic Human in Heaven: I'm in heaven.. The trees, the weather, the mountains..its heaven for sure.

Human On Earth: I know what you mean.. I got the very same feeling when I visited DEHRADUN!
#beauty #awesome #heaven #doon #valley
by Tanya Singh January 09, 2011
Acronym that stands for 'No Straight Girls' and pronounced as 'en ess gee'
Implying that bisexual/lesbian women must remind themselves to not be interested and hit on straight girls..
Yeah she's hot but I have to keep reminding myself.... nsg!
#lesbian #bisexual #orientation #attraction #minority
by Tanya Singh January 07, 2015
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