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A very tall black man who is able to dunk a basket ball at only 12 years old
Homeboy1: yoooo you saw my niggasaurusrex Jamie out there!?
Homeboy2: awwwwwww yeahhhh son
by Tamer "LiL dEaFy" Attalla December 20, 2006
A Russian name that comes from the word "feet". Genaral Faik Kiencotz Norizof was in the cold war in the 1960's.
Dude#1: Yo the other day Faik asked if i would lick Lia's feet for an XBOX 360.
Dude#2:Bro, What did you say!?
Dude#1: Uhhhhh what do you think? Of course i said yes!

by Tamer "LiL dEaFy" Attalla December 20, 2006
Someone that is very custy, burys weed underground then digs it up 6 months just to get a little more high then before or weed freak. (sucks dick or anything nasty for a little weed)Most budenhagens will usually say "Uhhh what the fuck was that?" Also someone who has been known to live off of dog food. (perferred dog food: Alpo and kibbles and fuckin bits)also known as a "Custbag" and a "Garbage man"
Dude the other night a fuckin custy Buddenhagen was goin through my garbage for food!
by Tamer "LiL dEaFy" Attalla December 20, 2006

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