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2 definitions by Tam and Jess

Flabby boobs typically seen on obese pre-pubescent youngins and post-pubescent fat people. Floobs are a symptom of overactive hormones, which gives them a tenacious sex drive. Masculine v.: Moobs.
Did you see the floobs on that sixth grader? She must be a tiger in bed.
by Tam and Jess November 18, 2006
Pants that are truly hideous, such as pants that have hawaiian floral designs on them intended only for beach use but worn out at clubs and indoors. Can generally be found in large populations at the Goodwill in the dollar bin.
Oh my god, what were those wuglies Lara was wearing at Beach week? She'll never pick up a guy at the Spanish Galleon dressed like that!
by Tam and Jess November 18, 2006