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A looked achieved by shaving your balls. The after effect is a look of adolescent genitalia disguised as a young boy. Used to visually increase the size of the male organ. This ceremonial tradition is often done to better aerodynamics, to increase effectiveness of pounding the vag. As well as, decreasing the likelihood of being discovered when T-bagging other individuals in their sleep.
His package was neatly trimmed, it looked like baby balls.

Dude, you can't T-bag him! He'll find out. "No its cool man, I got them baby balls"
by Takeout artist August 24, 2008
Statements made with no factual proof and often claimed as true. Often debunked by a Wikipedia search.
Miro-ism: USA has the lowest unemployment rate in the world!

Fact: USA is #67
by Takeout artist August 24, 2008
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