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An abbreviation of the even-more-vile lesbian vomit and scatfest video, Two Girls, One Finger. It makes 2g1c look like Thomas the Tank Engine by comparison.

Only look it up if you feel that you've lived a good, long life.
Hey, did you check that link to 2g1f?

Sure did. Gouged my eyes out afterwards. Like my matching eyepatches?
by Tak A Lah February 12, 2008
1: To enhance one's happiness.
2: To exponentially increase one's mood in a velocitous manner.
3: The state of being that males reach immediately after viewing a pair of attractive female breasts, regardless of the males' previous mood.

4: The state of being, either concurrent or remembered, that is validized through the retelling of the event that caused said state to occur.
1: James: "I am a jerk today. I hate everything."
Jessica: "I present to you some breasts. Please, enhappify yourself.
James: "I am now enhappified."

2: James: "Yesterday, Jessica revealed to me her Breasts of Magnificence, and I was thusly enhappified."
George: "I now loathe your every internal organ."
James: "I emplore you to deny indulging in such feelings."

3: George: "This morning, I was so priveleged as to have been summarily exposed to Jessica's most succulent of mammary glands, and my feelings of hatred towards your inner workings has been thusly squelched.
James: "Were you vastly enhappified through your experience?"
George: "I was enhappified to a state beyond any previously perceived plateau, my heterosexual male companion. Beyond any previously perceived plateau."
by Tak A Lah March 06, 2006
One who has become complacent in his constant state of mockery and has henceforth become immune to it. The cure: more insults
Jeez, I just called that guy a buttdumpling and he just shrugged it off! Oh him? He's got OverinsultediTis.
by Tak a Lah August 29, 2003
For to beginning of the definitions with teh moving and humping and moaning like kiddies in France having thayr ankles tickled by large ants, I will show you how to make teh saix. It is to be with a woman of female gender, being nakkid and without those clothings that you wear everyday that make you itch. Then you put teh Mr. Willy inside of Ms. Juucie and teh good feelings come outside of it.
1)Oh mah gawd, Jerry, last night I made teh saix with this hot bitch from Queens, let me just say Dayyum.

2)I am blind, now that I've seen my best friend's ass jiggling up and down while he made teh saix.

3)Hey, baby, djoo is a fine laydee, why dont'cha come ofer to my playse and then lets make teh saix. Djoo feel like making teh saix? Want me to show you how to count all the way to schfifty-five? I love hearing yes, because it is sooooo good to heat it.
by Tak a lah January 09, 2005
When you try to force a fart and get a surprise. A little crapnugget.
*grunts* Aw, crap! I just pinched off a pant biscuit!
by Tak a Lah August 29, 2003
One who rams asses. Figure it out for yourself.
Dude, did you see Chris the other day? Yeah, he's become a real assrammer.
by Tak a Lah August 29, 2003
1. One who makes a legitimate living by herding sheep; a sheppherder.
2. One who gets his jollies from and with sheep; a sheeprammer.
1. Jeez-a-peetz, look at that guy herd his sheep!
2. Holy hell, that guy's a sheep herder!
by Tak a Lah August 29, 2003

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