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The action of getting dissed or humiliated in front of others. This word is then said by a bystander not by the people taking part in the action. Not normally a good thing to have happen to you- but a pretty chill way to call someone out on it.
Alternate spellings include: deaded, deded, dedded
Josh: Yo i hooked up with this chick last night- she was bangin.

Andrew: Nah son, she was like prepubescent- she looked like your 5 year old sister.

Bre: o0ohh ...DEBTED!!!
by Tajh Salaso August 22, 2007
1. A word or nickname referring to a guy friend. A friend who is like a brother, hence "bro" the shortened version of brother- because every college guy is so lazy that he can't even finish saying a damn word.
2. An actual blood relative- your parents' child who is a male.
3. A prefix added to any word starting with the sound "o". An extension of the commonly used nickname "broski" or "broseph".

Usage: This prefix can be used to create a nickname or to create a word which referrs to something you and your boys think is pretty chill.
1. "Yo bro, that was a sick party last night."

2. "Yeah i went to go visit my bro at Tulane last weekend- it was frikkin awsome."

3. "Yo broski, we should hit the *brocean* before the summer's over."
*Bro + ocean*

Nickname: Bromance (bro + romance)= a guy who is particularly successful with the ladies- and even if he's not, you and your boys know him as the romantic one. However, he may also be the one dude who has found himself in a committed relationship while the rest of you are bachelors.
by Tajh Salaso August 22, 2007

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