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An unofficial, polytheistic religion that worships yaoi and/or shounen ai and the two gods Uke and Seme
Yaoism is common amongst girls, most of them being girls who like or love anime.
You sin in Yaoism when you favor yuri over yaoi, blaspheme yaoi, or go against yaoi. Those are the three common ways to sin, but there are plenty more.
Yaoism does not have a book to follow yet. The belief of Yaoism is spreading across the globe. The holidays of Yaoism are on March 25, May 10 and December 18 to 21. In order, they are Analster, Hangover, and Yaoika.
I worship the gods Uke and Seme of the religion Yaoism.
by Tails Turrosaki December 22, 2009
Yaoika is a holiday in the religion of Yaoism.

December 18 marks the day of Yaoi's birth, and was brought down to Earth on the 19th and given to a homosexual couple to take care of him. On the 20th, Yaoi was taken away by the imperial guards of Yaoi's hometown, Tokyo, and was put in prison as a little baby since homosexuals were not allowed to have children. On the 21st, Uke, furious at the imperial guards, had set Yaoi free and gave him back to the homosexual couple, which then the imperial guards were all burnt to death at once and all died, and then the homosexual couple had become king and king of Tokyo. This holiday is known as the four days of Yaoika.
On Yaoika, you give friends one present each every day for the four day period. Some say Yaoi comes to your house on the 21st at night and slips a picture of your favorite yaoi under your pillow.
I gave Beth some Naruto yaoi, and Jonathon an app for his iPhone. But what will I get for Timmy on Yaoika?
by Tails Turrosaki December 22, 2009
A holiday in Yaoism on March 25.

March 25 marks the day of when Uke and Seme had fallen in love and had sexual intercourse, and thus sprouted the Big Bang that created the universe. This holiday is known as the Analster.
On Analster, you must draw a picture of any yaoi or shounen ai and put it above your head to show the gods Uke and Seme what you have drawn. It will be accepted whether it's good or bad and you will have good luck for a whole week. When you finish the drawing, you must keep it in your pocket for the whole day for the good luck to appear, this means until 12:01 AM the next morning.
For Analster, I drew yaoi of Ritsuka and Soubi!
by Tails Turrosaki December 22, 2009
A holiday in the religion of Yaoism.

May 10 marks the day of when Uke had been freed by Seme from the devil, Yuri, and where Uke and Seme had sexual intercourse that had miraculously and illogically made them pregnant with a son, Yaoi, who would soon become an artist and draw the first ever yaoi picture. This holiday is known as Hangover.
On Hangover, you give candy (preferably chocolate) to your lover, whether they're a boy or a girl, and give them a warming hug. This is similar to Valentine's Day, but in May, not February.
I gave chocolate to my boyfriend on Hangover! I hope the god Seme blesses me with yaoi.
by Tails Turrosaki December 22, 2009

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