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(adj.) Meaning of utmost or greatest importance, the best,
(noun) An all around winner or super-stud.
-From tjhe ancient Greek word meaning "The victor"
(adj.) It is Fuji to win the Gold medal at this years olympics, in the event of the decathalon.
Wow he just won consecutive Tour de Frances, he's a real Fuji.
by Tad Hamilton January 06, 2005
noun - someone who involuntarily touches the side of his head, thus giving him a microscopic weiner. Wex's are often pale and tend to resemble Frankie Muniz.
Hey Jim you uh wanna go makeout with my weiner? Sure I love weiners. Munch munch munch munch munch. Mmmmmmmmmmmm weiners.

Also known to say: Da baba
by Tad Hamilton March 24, 2005

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