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21 definitions by Tacoma Beags

When a man attempts to initiate vaginal, doggie-style sex but his penis slips upward into the woman’s butt crack and/or anus and before he can correct, he ejaculates. See also Colonial Slip.
Dude, I think I may be gay—Last night I had a Belgium Misfire on Sandy and now I can’t wait for it to happen again.
by Tacoma Beags April 14, 2011
48 25
1. The ability to masturbate with either the left or right hand with equal and identical efficiency.

2. The ability to preform hand jobs with either the left or right hand with equal and identical efficiency.
1. Hey Jack, what's with the hairy palms on BOTH hands, man?

Oh that, yah I'm ambi-dick-trous.

2. Damn man, look at Jack tear it up in that circle jerk. He must be ambi-dick-trous.
by Tacoma Beags March 27, 2011
29 6
When a deaf woman screams in orgasm, thus sounding like Jodie Foster from Nell.
I’m going back to banging blind chicks. I can’t handle anymore of these Nelly O’s.
by Tacoma Beags April 14, 2011
27 5
When a man ejaculates onto a hairy, untrimmed vagina shortly before performing oral sex on said vagina.
Hey man, let’s skip the Olive Garden tonight. I just had a viscous serving of spooghetti off Susan.
by Tacoma Beags February 08, 2011
33 11
Shock or astonishment in the event of sudden premature ejaculation, which can be experienced by both males and females.
1. Dude, last night at the club I was grinding too hard with this chick and I got totally cum stunned.

2. OMG Darlene, last night at the club this total scrub loser was trying to grind on me when he came in his pants. I was so cum stunned.

3. Daaaaamn, look at Jenny. She’s fucking cum stunning, man.
by Tacoma Beags March 08, 2011
28 7
(Bú-nay-nul Split) n. Anal sex lubricated with one banana and three scoops of fresh fecal matter.
Being as Judy worked at Baskin & Robbins, I figured she’d appreciate last night’s Bananal Split. I was wrong.
by Tacoma Beags March 07, 2011
33 13
(n) When a thinner, semi-attractive chick’s Facebook profile and albums contain nothing but photos of her and her fat, ugly friends, ensuring that she is always the most attractive chick in each of her photos. Note: tagging photos in this case is absolutely critical in avoiding identity heft.

See also, identity heft.
Dude, check out Jenny's Facebook page. She's really not that bad looking.

Careful man—she’s using identity heft protection. Photoshop her out of that heifer sandwich and see how she really fares.
by Tacoma Beags June 27, 2011
22 3