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A small town near LA with an overflowing Asian population. Recently, white families have moved out becuase they cannot compete academically with the hardened sweatshop-whipped asian kids. Nothing interesting ever happens in Diamond Bar because the whole population is busy playing WoW. Occasionally, there are Asian kids playing around with fireworks in public or private places. There is also a lair of witches, which people commonly refer to as 'The Library', which is a common misconception, as the old, obese ladies who work there are actually witches, disguised as librarians so they can attract and eat children.
Guy 1: Yo dude. Let's go chill at 'The Library' in Diamond Bar. That would be badass!
Guy 2: No screw that. Let's go set off some fireworks!
Guy 3: You guys are both stupid. Let's just go home and play WoW until our eyes fall out.
by TackyTheRetardedPenguin August 08, 2008

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