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Chinktwat/Chink Twat, n: An asian american who exemplifies the asian stereotype.
If there were to be a tomagochi modeled after a chinktwat, the only 2 options would be: 1. do math, 2. practice violin.
by Tacit Llama September 07, 2003
America's friendly neighbor to the North. Sometimes (jokingly) referred to as America's 51st state.
Nice folks live in Canada. The fools above want to put down the US because of its imperialism or whatnot, so lease remember, as the last remaining superpower, we have responsibilities, eh? Just let us do our thing, and Bush'll be out of office in another year. And please, dont deny your economic dependance on your potent, albeit, arrogant friends to the South, it makes us sad and want to bomb other countries :(
by Tacit Llama September 21, 2003
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