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A unique TYT (The Young Turks) response to any lame attempt at humor, roughly analogous to the "wah wah wahhhhhh" muted trumpet sound frequently used in '60s era sitcoms and elsewhere to punctuate a rather obvious or trite joke. Cenk has used "shwang wang wang" this way in his personal lexicon for many years, but later appended it with "Debbie Schlussel" to mock the tone and delivery of the Michigan-based conservative blogger's unintentionally hilarious YouTube videos. See also "Debbie Downer."
Debbie: "The queen of daytime talk has endorsed B.O.... no, not the smelly B.O., but the Presidential B.O."

Cenk: "Schwang wang wang, Debbie Schlussel"
by TYT Army January 22, 2011
One level south of scum of the earth. The nadir of earthly existence. The lowest of the lows. The epicenter of depravity. The stinkhole of human existence. A person that makes Satan look like Mother Teresa.
That pedophile and murderer is an absolute douché bag, but he's still has fallen to the depths of a Norquist.
by TYT ARMY February 13, 2012

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