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Not a well known school located outside of Baltimore Maryland. Known for being a huge bar school so a fake id is a must. huge Jersey, New York and Rhode Island population. 60 to 40 girl to guy ratio. Hottest girls in the world. watch out for TKE
MD girls are pretty, Loyola girls are smart, but it takes a Towson girl, to win a guy's heart. UMBC girls can't dance, Goucher girls can't flow, and when you want the best-looking girl, Towson is where you go. Salisbury girls are wild, IUP girls are fun, but when it comes to drinking, Towson girls are #1. Girls will be girls north, south, east & west, but a Towson girl will always rate the very best! So any guy who reads this truly has to know, if you have a Towson girl, don't ever let her go!

Go Towson University
by TUgirl April 21, 2010

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