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"Dred" has become a very flexible daily used word, specifically in the island of Trinidad, especially among the younger generation.

As a matter of fact it is can not only be defined with synonyms, but it has also become an INTERJECTION.
so take this one sentence for e.g
1) "how did your friend start acting so dred boy"

depending on the way it is said it can have opposite meanings:
- Ignorant, giving cold shoulder, bitchy, etc.
- Cool, awesome etc

2)"Nah dred"
- "no, i cant believe this"
in short sentences it can imply a phrase instead of a word.

3)"omg did u see what he did? he is one dredist, dred"

dredist - outstanding person, talented etc

- the dred in the end of the sentence simply has no meaning, but as stated earlier it was used just to further assert feelings.

4) A guy is nagging his friend to help him with something. the friend could reply "Dred! not now!" or "Not now dred"

5) You see something amazing. "Dred! that was awesome"
This is an example of where it is used as an interjection.

I can use a dozen sentences to describe, "dred" has become a universal word on this island, expressing happyness, sadness, anger etc.
by TTjumbie May 23, 2010

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