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When a male takes the sock from a golf club, the driver, and put it down your pants while you drive your car so it appears that you have an enlarged penis.
Random Girl: Wow! That Guy has a HUGE dick!
Random Guy: Nope, just a big driver.


Driver: I feel like more of a man with my driving sock because I look like more of a man.
by TREA STUMP January 29, 2011
When playing Zombies on any map in Call of Duty: Black Ops, a player runs out of the camping zone into a mob of zombies to get points, power ups, or just to try to be cool. Another way of saying it is, "I'm doing it for the points baaaabaaay!". This person is often a finefuck.
an example of Hero Time Baaabaaay is when: Stephen, being the finefuck he is, just ran out got raped by like 1000 zombies and now no one is going to revive him.
by TREA STUMP January 30, 2011

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