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Jim Lahey is the somewhat mentally unstable on and off Trailer Park supervisor in the Canadian series Trailer park boys. He is played by the highly acclaimed actor John Dunsworth, who is also the real life father of the actress who plays Sarah.
Jim Lahey is an enigma, but can be summarized in the words "crazy as fuck". He has had problems (to say the least) with drinking, and has a homosexual relationship with Randy, the shirtless pot bellied assistant supervisor. He seems to have a special feeling of hatred for Ricky, who he has attempted to kill and have killed. This makes sense because it was the boys who got him kicked off the police force, which sent him spiralling downward. Is notable for drinking straight out of massive bottles of hard liquor. Also famous for his "shit talk", using metaphors involving shit-somethings to intimidate people.
"Shit clock's tickin', Ricky!"
"Shit apple driving the shitmobile!"
"Randy...I AM the liquor" - Jim Lahey quotes
by TPB Fan September 20, 2007
One-third of the trio of protagonists (along with Julian and Bubbles) in the Canadian comedy series Trailer park boys. Ricky is played by Robb Wells.
Ricky growing up was the cool kid in the park (at least according to Corey and Trevor), however in his adult years all he's done is go to jail, grow dope, live in a car, and get drunk and shoot guns. He frequently uses incorrect pronunciations of words (Cannepillar, Nay-sa for NASA, etc.) and goes on rants which leave everyone wondering what the fuck he just said. These speech habits are referred to as "Rickyisms".
Despite seeming somewhat unintelligent on the outside, Ricky has a great deal of experience and knowledge in "practical" fields, such as growing dope and stealing car parts, and of course, playing hockey. He also has a good heart and seems to want to satisfy his love interest Lucy, who is the mother of his daughter, Trinity, who Ricky loves unconditionally.
He is also able to extract cigarettes from Trevor any time he wishes, simply by delivering the catchphrase "Let's go, 2 smokes" or "Smokes, let's go"
"I plan to get drunk as fuck tonight, DRUNK AS FUCK! (echoing) drunk as fuck...drunk as fuck...."
(cuts to Ricky laying face down on the street)
by TPB Fan September 20, 2007
A member of the trio of trailer park terrorists on the Canadian comedy series Trailer Park Boys. Julian is played by Jean Paul Tremblay.
Julian is a smooth talking, well-read alcoholic who serves as the "brains" of the operation in most of the boy's misadventures. He is apparently considered sexy by Jim Lahey, despite their mutual dislike. He hates being referred to as "Patrick Swayze". He seems to spend a lot of time reading and trying to keep positive, both in and out of jail. He is never seen without his trademark rum and coke, always carried in a rocks glass, regardless of where he is. He has also dabbled in drinking "swish", a disgusting homemade liquor which according to Bubbles "my fuck, does it get ya some drunk!"
On an interesting note, it is hinted he had sexual relations with Ricky's longtime love interest and child's mother Lucy, after a night of drunkenness and mushrooms in which he experienced memory loss.
"Your mom's fucked in the head" - Julian
by TPB Fan September 20, 2007

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