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Blood of gods..Tastes like Oblivion(in a good way...not like what Doc said in an Red vs Blue episode,Liquid Shwartz
"They will all taste oblivion..which tastes just like Red Bull"
by TOC TM OS June 28, 2004
+2 to All Skills
+1.5 Life per clvl
+1.5 Mana per clvl
+50% Better chance of getting magical item
Physical Damage Taken Reduced by 10%
+2 to Strength
+2 to Dexterity
+2 to Vitality
+2 to Energy
you got shako?
yeah,the non unique one
by TOC TM OS June 28, 2004
Enigma.Just Enigma.alot of people are stupid to put JahIthBer into Wyrmhide
I put Jah Ith and Ber into an Archon plate
by TOC TM OS June 28, 2004
One of the only things better than Red Bull when it comes to drinks...it makes you DIE from the greatness it is...
After drinking Whoopass i was so hyper i couldnt sleep for 2 years
by TOC TM OS June 28, 2004
The ultimate person who plays many online games and beats the shit out of noobs in Diablo 2,Starcraft,Aliens Vs Predator 2,Super Smash Bros(the whole series),Guilty Gear(Series),Killer Instinct,Sonic(series in multiplayer),Halo,and pretty much any game out there he also is known as THE MASTER and OMNIPOTENT_GOD he is also a GOD at programming and many other things
the only being better then THE MASTER is Shigeru Miyamoto
Dumbass/noob:1 g0tz pw3D bY 0mni 50undw4v3
Omni Soundwave:Shut the fuck up you sad excuse for a multi-cellular being
by TOC TM OS June 28, 2004
it is all of these 3:
The worst being ever
The Godfather
The opposite of me
The Godfather is a Crap ass sorry bastard
by TOC TM OS June 28, 2004

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