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Drafted 7th by the Chi-town bulls in 2003. went to kansas and two final fours there. is a good guard and captain of the team. with ben gordon makes up one of the best back courts in the NBA. if there was an award for the biggest white baller hinrich would win it
damn did u see him take that kid off the dribble, he should go to kansas like kirk hinrich
by TOB fo eva May 22, 2005
the pimpinest brand ever
fuckin expensive but not preppy.
sponsors some kickass snowboarders like Nico Droz
did u see baller ben rockin that helly hansen hoodie today... damn that kid is hella hot
by TOB fo eva January 25, 2005
a tall ass white baller with a wannabe fro.
one of the playafromthymilays that go to wayzata
damn did u see pitts' vertical at the game last night that motherfucker dunked it over that black kid
by TOB fo eva January 25, 2005
gingerbread man's cousin. rather then running away from the people who baked him, he fucks em, then goes raging panda on them.
AHH the giblet man is running after me and he wants my suculant little ass.
by TOB fo eva December 08, 2004
when u cum in a bitch when shes on her period and eat her out...
damn, amanda was being feisty last night but she loosened up after we had cocktails
by TOB fo eva January 25, 2005
term used by jamerson and baller ben cuz of this hottie that was a year younger which jugs like an elephant...
also see TOB for more info
DAmn i wish i could get a piece of those mongos but shes prude
by TOB fo eva December 08, 2004
the biggest asian pimp who does no school work what so ever,sleeps through tests, and yet gets pussy from all the mexicans. (AKA Andy)
there he goes again, sleeping, or.... jeez boy bandits gettin some pussy tonight!
by TOB fo eva December 09, 2004
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