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Essex slang for "cant be bothered", means the person is really lazy in other words
guy 1: you wanna come to central london today?

guy 2: nah cant be choonked with that can i?
#choonked #essex #no #hi #lol
by TO THE MAX April 18, 2007
DArzi can be used as an insult, it stands for a moronic small little idiot who cannot read well.
"oh your such a darzi"
by TO THE MAX March 04, 2005
Ethnic Chinese word for Twat
Oh my gosh you are so Eti
by TO THE MAX March 04, 2005
Some bo cat from kingsbury who has a pyromaniac tendancy to burn stuff.
Jono: devan calm down its only fire
by TO THE MAX March 04, 2005
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