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The one who holds the responsibility in a given situation
Kathryn- "Who is responsible for cleaning this damn house!?"

Blake- "YOU are the responsiber."
by THORHAMMER June 24, 2013
A term referring to the American multinational corporation Apple Inc., which currently dominates the electronics world, resulting in a covert form of oppression. That is, because Apple currently provides and services all of our cell phones, computers, watches, and other electronic items that we are so heavily dependent on, they can do anything they please with these devices regardless of our will. For example, this organization has the ability to upload Irish rock albums to all of our phones without us knowing and make us agree to their "terms and conditions" for our phones to work. As people who rely on these devices, we have no choice but to simply deal with their shit.

This term is used anytime your Apple product is coercing you to do something against your will, is not working properly, or has done something on it's own that you were unaware of.
"Fucking Apple Qaeda! I didn't get any of those texts you sent."

"Those Apple Qaeda bastards! Why the fuck do I have to agree to these damn terms and conditions every time I plug my shit in!?"

Person 1: "What is this U2 album doing on your phone?"

Person 2: "Apple Qaeda. Those motherfuckers."
by THORHAMMER September 23, 2014
A combination of the application Snapchat and the word selfish. The act of being inconsiderate or selfish with one's snapchat usage. Those who are being snapfish only "open" snaps, never send any of their own, or possibly send snaps of lesser value in return
"Damnit Sheena! You always open my snaps but never send me
anything back! You're SO snapfish."

"Bro 1: Bro, I sent crystal like an 8 sec nudie. She sends me back a 5 sec snap of her face.

Bro 2: Snapfish bro, snapfish.
by THORHAMMER November 11, 2014

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