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clothing:boy:neon shirts, bend tees, or animal print shirts and straight leg jeans, can be tight or not but can ABSOLUTLEY can not be loose or baggy or you are not scene at all
girl:neon everything mostly and animal print, neon colored tights/fishnets lots of hello kitty and kiddy cartoon clothing

shoes:both:converse chuck taylors or combat boots

makeup:boys:usually none but a handful og them wear eyeliner and/or black nails
girl:loads of eyeliner and neon eyeshadow, lipstick, and black and neon colored (alternated)nails

piercings:both:eyebrows, lip, nose, ears, and/or kneecaps

music:indie, emo, techno, screamo, goth rock, powerpop, and metal and occasionally a rap song

words:hard core, rawr, omgzzz, heyzeez, retardface

hair:boys:usually black or blond w/ a color streak stick straight in any style as long as it's shaggy and covoring at least one eye
girl:usually 2 different lengths and three or more colors

misc:scene kids usually like putting a scry twist on cute things like hello kitty, likes bats, zombiez , and vampires scene kids shop at most ly hot topic but they do shop at prep stores but only on sales or clearance racks and never any where else and usually have really expensive cell phones and purses and are very positive, happy and fun to be around and are usually straight edge (no cussing, drinking, smmoking, drugs, sex before marriage, and are Christian)

scene kids are ppl like izzy hilton or hayley williams
by THE scene kid December 20, 2008

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